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 Gypsum Plant in NC

VersiTech was responsible for the insulation and cladding of all process equipment, piping and ductwork at the gypsum plant, NC.  We also provided all the scaffolding needed for access on the project.  Our quality of work really shows!

Marcellus Shale Compressor Station

VersiTech performed all of the insulation and jacketing including removable covers which we custom make for most projects.  We also completed all of the surface preparation and painting of all exposed process piping as well as scaffolding needed for access.  We truly are a one-stop source!

Field Support Services for the Shale Industry

VersiTech is an experienced multi-craft service provider for engery & development companies operating in various shale plays.  We are a single-source provider of insulation, removable insulation covers, scaffolding, C.U.I protection, painting/coating, sandblasting and heat tracing services.

VersiTech Inc.

VersiTech offers a wide range of industrial sevices from insulation, heat tracing, asbestos/lead abatement (VersiTech Industrial Services Inc.), painting, insulation covers and fireproofing in a variety of project sizes.

Where Safety Meets Industry

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The potential health risks associated with occupational and environmental exposure to asbestos and lead is great.  In fact, in the case of friable asbestos, the invisible fibers are unsafe at any level.  When these materials pose a threat they are either safely removed or sealed by an EPA accepted encapsulant.


VersiTech Industrial Services of PA Inc. professional services include inspection and identification of hazards from asbestos and lead, complete removal or encapsulation, and disposal at a government approved sites.  Both processes are preformed in strict compliance with applicable regulations.


  • Analysis
  • Removal
  • Surveys
  • Disposal
  • Encapsulation
  • Reinsulation
  • Licensed
  • Qualified


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